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I offer the experience and expertise to accelerate your business

Most Go-to-market Strategies are Flawed or Unrealistic

Yours doesn't have to be

Planning and executing a Co-ordinated Multi-channel Marketing Campaign isn't trivial

I'll offer you the support services, assistance and infrastructure to make yours a success

I will make your marketing more effective

By setting up and supporting marketing support tools

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accelerating business

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7 Minute Summary of all my services in a Videoscribe


  • Internationalize your multi-channel marketing and your web site content

  • Tune up your messaging

  • Prepare for Analysts and Venture Capitalists

  • Create great content for Blogs and social media
    Join up your outbound and inbound marketing with automation tools such as
    Act-On so that you are effective from the start
  • Create videos, videoscribes and animations for your site easily and at low cost

AcceliBiz specializes in helping vendors make their messaging engaging and propositions compelling prior to the launch of new IT software solutions. I then go on to develop effective marketing campaigns on demand and have been doing that very successfully for many years. If you are a European company and want to make sure your text reads well in English, I'll tune it up for you.

I am also an agent for Act-On and can set-up and manage all aspects of this automated marketing solution as an outsourced service. eliminating the complexity and cost of internal management if you desire this.

As an Independent Analyst I offer a cost effective freelance solution; I combining the technical insight and understanding you'd expect from an associated OVUM analyst with a wealth of marketing knowledge that comes from my long experience of developing and executing 'go to market' strategies.

I also work remotely to reduce overheads, costs and speed up delivery of content.

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Martin Gandar is also a partner at The Message Builder